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More than sun, sand and margaritas. While those are 3 of our favorite things, the person who is interested in spending their travel time in Boca is someone who wants a little bit more from their vacation experience.  If you are like me, some of your most precious vacation memories are when you leave the resort, experience the many layers of what the area has to offer, meet the local people, taste the local food and experience some of those hidden treasures that are best known by the locals themselves.  We will be happy to guide you in english, french or spanish to the best sites of the Jalisco area and beyond.  Enjoy the flavor of life in a real Mexican fishing village while staying in our charming quarters and exploring the area - your way. 

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Each room has it's own private balcony overlooking the river that winds through lush tropical forest and outlets into Banderas Bay. Enjoy a private room with double bed, kitchen, full bathroom and seating area with  a fold-out for extra guests or just enjoying your view.

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Personal attention will help take your stay to the next level in your vacation experience. Whether you want a relaxing escape, a tropical adventure, natural exploration or days out on the sea, we will help you find the ultimate experience at the best price.  Excursions and a personal introduction to what the area has to offer can help tailor your experience to your expectations. Boca de Tomatlan has been a natural harbour for centuries and is a short boat-ride away from many wonders in the surrounding areas.

yAuthentic Flavor with the comfort of home